Adventury / The Secret of Monkey Island 2
The Secret of Monkey Island 2
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��Why, Jane, what can I do? Mr. Tulliver doesn��t like his dinner before two o��clock, but I put it half an hour earlier because o�� you.��

Uncle Pullet sat by and listened with twinkling eyes to these high matters. He didn��t understand politics himself �� thought they were a natural gift �� but by what he could make out, this Duke of Wellington was no better than he should be.
Maggie��s was a troublous life, and this was the form in which she took her opium.

��Take it,�� said Bob, sulkily.
��But he��ll want the more pay, I doubt,�� said Mr. Glegg.

There was no reply but a further shake of the head, as Mrs. Pullet slowly rose and got down from the chaise, not without casting a glance at Mr. Pullet to see that he was guarding her handsome silk dress from injury. Mr. Pullet was a small man, with a high nose, small twinkling eyes, and thin lips, in a fresh-looking suit of black and a white cravat, that seemed to have been tied very tight on some higher principle than that of mere personal ease. He bore about the same relation to his tall, good-looking wife, with her balloon sleeves, abundant mantle, and a large befeathered and beribboned bonnet, as a small fishing-smack bears to a brig with all its sails spread.

Tom��s blood was thoroughly up: he went at Bob with a lunge and threw him down, but Bob seized hold and kept it like a cat, and pulled Tom down after him. They struggled fiercely on the ground for a moment or two, till Tom, pinning Bob down by the shoulders, thought he had the mastery.
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