Strategie / Steel Panthers: World At War
Steel Panthers: World At War
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Skvělá tahová strategie z druhé světové války
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��Why, she��s gone and cut her hair herself,�� said Mr. Tulliver in an undertone to Mr. Deane, laughing with much enjoyment. Did you ever know such a little hussy as it is?��

��Yes, yes, I know how it is with husbands �� they��re for putting everything off; they��ll put the dinner off till after tea, if they��ve got wives as are weak enough to give in to such work; but it��s a pity for you, Bessy, as you haven��t got more strength o�� mind. It��ll be well if your children don��t suffer for it. And I hope you��ve not gone and got a great dinner for us �� going to expense for your sisters, as ��ud sooner eat a crust o�� dry bread nor help to ruin you with extravagance. I wonder you don��t take pattern by your sister Deane; she��s far more sensible. And here you��ve got two children to provide for, and your husband��s spent your fortin i�� going to law, and��s likely to spend his own too. A boiled joint, as you could make broth of for the kitchen,�� Mrs. Glegg added, in a tone of emphatic protest, ��and a plain pudding, with a spoonful o�� sugar, and no spice, ��ud be far more becoming.��

It is a pathetic sight and a striking example of the complexity introduced into the emotions by a high state of civilization, the sight of a fashionably dressed female in grief. From the sorrow of a Hottentot to that of a woman in large buckram sleeves, with several bracelets on each arm, an architectural bonnet, and delicate ribbon strings, what a long series of gradations! In the enlightened child of civilization the abandonment characteristic of grief is checked and varied in the subtlest manner, so as to present an interesting problem to the analytic mind. If, with a crushed heart and eyes half blinded by the mist of tears, she were to walk with a too-devious step through a door-place, she might crush her buckram sleeves too, and the deep consciousness of this possibility produces a composition of forces by which she takes a line that just clears the door-post. Perceiving that the tears are hurrying fast, she unpins her strings and throws them languidly backward, a touching gesture, indicative, even in the deepest gloom, of the hope in future dry moments when cap-strings will once more have a charm. As the tears subside a little, and with her head leaning backward at the angle that will not injure her bonnet, she endures that terrible moment when grief, which has made all things else a weariness, has itself become weary; she looks down pensively at her bracelets, and adjusts their clasps with that pretty studied fortuity which would be gratifying to her mind if it were once more in a calm and healthy state.

��Well, sister, you��re late; what��s the matter?�� said Mrs. Glegg, rather sharply, as they shook hands.
Yap agitated his ears and wrinkled his brows, but declined to plunge, trying whether barking would not answer the purpose just as well.
��Softly, softly, Jane; be reasonable, be reasonable,�� said Mr. Glegg.
��I sha��n��t,�� said Bob, holding it tight in his pocket. (Lululemon Outlet)
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Mr Cameron is content to let his actions speak for themselves. Some in his party refuse to accept it, but he believes that he is leading an administration whose aims are more radical than anything Lady Thatcher aspired to. Still, he is lying low until the new year, when his first order of business will be to campaign in the Oldham and Saddleworth by?election. He rejects accusations that he has left the fight to the Lib Dems, pointing out that Cabinet ministers are being sent into the fray: in fact, he is breaking with prime ministerial habit and going to campaign himself, in a seat where his party is in third place. (Bottes Ugg Classic)
4. An excuse to post Ozzie Smith highlights
QtDPXwCGPup (AgYfExlmIRYbPsnBwP)
That's really thniking out of the box. Thanks!
Nepřekonatelný (Petr)
Skutečná taktika pro skutečné velitele a to i dnes, kdy jsou na trhu jiné krásné hry, ale jsou lepší bohužel jen po grafické stránce. Celková koncepce je geniální.
pro jirku (Gotrek)
Zkus si najit D3DWindower-english pokud mas win 7/visty
world at war (jirka)
jak se to spousti (dan )
ahoj (dan)
jak se to spousti.
ano (Grafik)
Je to tak, není to hra na jedno odpoledne, ale na mnoho let.Tahle strategie vám nevzme čas, ale i něco dá.Ale není určená lidem co zarámečkujou milion jednotek a zničej nepříteli milon jednotek a když ne tak save to jistí .-)
je to Dobra hra "nice(very)nice" (Denis;)
je to hra na picu :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D
SPWAW (asd)
Stale ziva, stara hra. I v cechach je pocetna komunita ktera hojne hraje po emailu.Staci zadat do vyhledavace : SPWAW
Je to tahova strategie z 2WW a jde o to obsadit vsechny klicove strategicke body a udrzet je proti pripadnemu protiutoku.
Je to dobrá hra z druhý svetové valky
mam dotaz k této hře (program4)
Všechny zdravým. Mam na vás dotaz.O co vtéto hře jde?

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