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��No, I sha��n��t,�� said Tom, almost crossly, beginning on his own inferior piece.
��There the halfpenny lies,�� he said. ��I don��t want your halfpenny; I wouldn��t have kept it. But you wanted to cheat; I hate a cheat. I sha��n��t go along with you any more,�� he added, turning round homeward, not without casting a regret toward the rat-catching and other pleasures which he must relinquish along with Bob��s society.
��I don��t know what she won��t get ��em to do,�� said Mrs. Tulliver, ��for my children are so awk��ard wi�� their aunts and uncles. Maggie��s ten times naughtier when they come than she is other days, and Tom doesn��t like ��em, bless him! �� though it��s more nat��ral in a boy than a gell. And there��s Lucy Dean��s such a good child �� you may set her on a stool, and there she��llsit for an hour together, and never offer to get off. I can��t help loving the child as if she was my own; and I��m sure she��s more like my child than sister Deane��s, for she��d allays a very poor color for one of our family, sister Deane had.��
��I don��t care about a flood comin��,�� said Bob; ��I don��t mind the water, no more nor the land. I��d swim, I would.��

Bob took the halfpenny out of his pocket, and threw it away from him on the ground.

��Well, my dears,�� said aunt Pullet, in a compassionate voice, ��you grow wonderful fast. I doubt they��ll outgrow their strength,�� she added, looking over their heads, with a melancholy expression, at their mother. ��I think the gell has too much hair. I��d have it thinned and cut shorter, sister, if I was you; it isn��t good for her health. It��s that as makes her skin so brown, I shouldn��t wonder. Don��t you think so, sister Deane?��

��Why, little miss, you��ve made yourself look very funny,�� said Uncle Pullet, and perhaps he never in his life made an observation which was felt to be so lacerating.
��Ah, but if you got nothing to eat for ever so long?�� said Tom, his imagination becoming quite active under the stimulus of that dread. ��When I��m a man, I shall make a boat with a wooden house on the top of it, like Noah��s ark, and keep plenty to eat in it �� rabbits and things �� all ready. And then if the flood came, you know, Bob, I shouldn��t mind. And I��d take you in, if I saw you swimming,�� he added, in the tone of a benevolent patron.
��You can��t make me do nothing, you can��t,�� said Bob.
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Jennifer Aniston may be a well known actress, but her hair has also earned her celebrity status. When she started on the hit show Friends women were flocking to their hairstylists begging for the same cut and color curly weave. She has become an icon on what it is to have amazing looking hair with cheap clip in hair extensions. Even today in Dallas more of my clients ask for the Jen look with clip in hair extensions cheap than any other celebrity
Too bad this is only directed to men. There are alot of women out there that could beneift from knowing how to talk to a man. Too many think' they're great conversationalists, but don't even realize they're driving men away by either talking too much or saying the wrong thing and in the end, wasting everyone's time. As a relationship advisor it would be nice to include council for both men and women, after all, we don't claim to know everything.
MechCommander (Satto66)
Zdravím všechny, Vím že už je to nějaký pátek,ale nemá někdo čirou náhodou touto starou ale kvalitní hru? díky za pomoc.

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