RPG / Ishar 1: Legend of the Fortress
Ishar 1: Legend of the Fortress
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Kompatibilita: MS-DOS 
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��Maggie,�� said Mrs. Tulliver, beckoning Maggie to her, and whispering in her ear, as soon as this point of Lucy��s staying was settled, ��go and get your hair brushed, do, for shame. I told you not to come in without going to Martha first, you know I did.��
��Is he at the head of a grammar school, then, this clergyman, such as that at Market Bewley?�� said Mr. Deane.

��Died the day before yesterday,�� continued Mrs. Pullet; ��an�� her legs was as thick as my body,���� she added, with deep sadness, after a pause. ��They��d tapped her no end o�� times, and the water �� they say you might ha�� swum in it, if you��d liked.��
��It ��ud be a fine deal better for some people,�� she said, after that introductory note, ��if they��d let the lawyers alone.��

��Come, come, come,�� said Mr. Glegg, soothingly. But Mr. Tulliver was not to be hindered of his retort.

��Here, Tom, cut it behind for me,�� said Maggie, excited by her own daring, and anxious to finish the deed.
Maggie, thinking it was no use to contend further, began too, and ate up her half puff with considerable relish as well as rapidity. But Tom had finished first, and had to look on while Maggie ate her last morsel or two, feeling in himself a capacity for more. Maggie didn��t know Tom was looking at her; she was seesawing on the elder-bough, lost to almost everything but a vague sense of jam and idleness.

��They��ll bring it upstairs, sister,�� said Mrs. Tulliver, wishing to go at once, lest Mrs. Glegg should begin to explain her feelings about Sophy��s being the first Dodson who ever ruined her constitution with doctor��s stuff.
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Ishar 1 (StriderCZ)
Série Ishar je velice dobré RPG, s kouzelnou atmosférou a (dnes si již troufnu tvrdit) ucházející hratelností. Nikdy nezapomenu na úžasné prostředí hry- zejména extariéry. Třeba březový hájek s kněžkou mi utkvěl v paměti po dlouhá léta. AMIGA holt neměla ve své době konkurenci.
Hry (Lucie)
No,sice sem tu hru nehrála ale mohla by bejt dobrá pokud to neni střílečka!!!!

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