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��Miss Maggie, you��re to come down this minute,�� said Kezia, entering the room hurriedly. ��Lawks! what have you been a-doing? I never see such a fright!��

But Tom, you perceive, was rather a Rhadamanthine personage, having more than the usual share of boy��s justice in him �� the justice that desires to hurt culprits as much as they deserve to be hurt, and is troubled with no doubts concerning the exact amount of their deserts. Maggie saw a cloud on his brow when he came home, which checked her joy at his coming so much sooner than she had expected, and she dared hardly speak to him as he stood silently throwing the small gravel-stones into the mill-dam. It is not pleasant to give up a rat-catching when you have set your mind on it. But if Tom had told his strongest feeling at that moment, he would have said, ��I��d do just the same again.�� That was his usual mode of viewing his past actions; whereas Maggie was always wishing she had done something different.The Dodsons were certainly a handsome family, and Mrs. Glegg was not the least handsome of the sisters. As she sat in Mrs. Tulliver��s arm-chair, no impartial observer could have denied that for a woman of fifty she had a very comely face and figure, though Tom and Maggie considered their aunt Glegg as the type of ugliness. It is true she despised the advantages of costume, for though, as she often observed, no woman had better clothes, it was not her way to wear her new things out before her old ones. Other women, if they liked, might have their best thread-lace in every wash; but when Mrs. Glegg died, it would be found that she had better lace laid by in the right-hand drawer of her wardrobe in the Spotted Chamber than ever Mrs. Wooll of St. Ogg��s had bought in her life, although Mrs. Wooll wore her lace before it was paid for. So of her curled fronts: Mrs. Glegg had doubtless the glossiest and crispest brown curls in her drawers, as well as curls in various degrees of fuzzy laxness; but to look out on the week-day world from under a crisp and glossy front would be to introduce a most dreamlike and unpleasant confusion between the sacred and the secular. Occasionally, indeed, Mrs. Glegg wore one of her third-best fronts on a week-day visit, but not at a sister��s house; especially not at Mrs. Tulliver��s, who, since her marriage, had hurt her sister��s feelings greatly by wearing her own hair, though, as Mrs. Glegg observed to Mrs. Deane, a mother of a family, like Bessy, with a husband always going to law, might have been expected to know better. But Bessy was always weak!

��Well, if I may be allowed to speak, and it��s seldom as I am,�� said Mrs. Glegg, with a tone of bitter meaning, ��I should like to know what good is to come to the boy by bringin�� him up above his fortin.��

��She��s so much acquaintance as I��ve seen her legs when they was like bladders. And an old lady as had doubled her money over and over again, and kept it all in her own management to the last, and had her pocket with her keys in under her pillow constant. There isn��t many old par_ish��ners like her, I doubt.��
��Here, Tom, cut it behind for me,�� said Maggie, excited by her own daring, and anxious to finish the deed.

Maggie obeyed.
Mrs. Tulliver��s domestic sorrows seemed at this moment to have reached the point at which insensibility begins. She took no notice of her sister��s remark, but threw back her capstrings and dispensed the pudding, in mute resignation.
��Ay, ay, a cool hundred a year, that��s all,�� said Mr. Tulliver, with some pride at his own spirited course. ��But then, you know, it��s an investment; Tom��s eddication ��ull be so much capital to him.��
��I pity your weakness, Mr. Glegg. I say it��s unbecoming to be making a joke when you see your own kin going headlongs to ruin.��

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5) Peter Davison (5th Doctor)
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Just a good movie? I enjoyed this movie 10x more than the Iron Man films, not saynig Iron Man is not good, but Capt. America doesn't have an annoying red head woman nagging through out the whole movie. I do agree the ending seemed rushed but towards the end of the film where he takes the risk of saving his country had more heart to it than the rest of the Marvel films.

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