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Bio Menace: Dr. Mangles Lab
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��Come, come, come,�� said Mr. Glegg, soothingly. But Mr. Tulliver was not to be hindered of his retort.
��Ah, and get his eddication done the sooner; they can��t learn much at a time when there��s so many of ��em,�� said uncle Pullet, feeling that he was getting quite an insight into this difficult matter.

Sister Pullet was in tears when the one-horse chaise stopped before Mrs. Tulliver��s door, and it was apparently requisite that she should shed a few more before getting out; for though her husband and Mrs. Tulliver stood ready to support her, she sat still and shook her head sadly, as she looked through her tears at the vague distance.
Maggie��s tears had ceased, and she looked reflective as Tom left her. His good nature had taken off the keenest edge of her suffering, and nuts with cowslip wine began to assert their legitimate influence.
��Mrs. Sutton didn��t die without making her will, though,�� said Mr. Pullet, with a confused sense that he was saying something to sanction his wife��s tears; ��ours is a rich parish, but they say there��s nobody else to leave as many thousands behind ��em as Mrs. Sutton. And she��s left no leggicies to speak on �� left it all in a lump to her husband��s nevvy.��
��No, you silly, that��ll be good the day after. It��s the pudden. I know what the pudden��s to be �� apricot roll-up �� O my buttons!��

��I know the chap as owns the ferrets,�� said Bob, in a hoarse treble voice, as he shuffled along, keeping his blue eyes fixed on the river, like an amphibious animal who foresaw occasion for darting in. ��He lives up the Kennel Yard at Sut Ogg��s, he does. He��s the biggest rot-catcher anywhere, he is. I��d sooner, be a rot-catcher nor anything, I would. The moles is nothing to the rots. But Lors! you mun ha�� ferrets. Dogs is no good. Why, there��s that dog, now!�� Bob continued, pointing with an air of disgust toward Yap, ��he��s no more good wi�� a rot nor nothin��. I see it myself, I did, at the rot-catchin�� i�� your feyther��s barn.��
��No,�� said Tom, opening his pocket-knife and holding it over the puff, with his head on one side in a dubitative manner. (It was a difficult problem to divide that very irregular polygon into two equal parts.) ��What do I care about Lucy? She��s only a girl �� she can��t play at bandy.��
But Maggie, gifted with that superior power of misery which distinguishes the human being, and places him at a proud distance from the most melancholy chimpanzee, sat still on her bough, and gave herself up to the keen sense of unmerited reproach. She would have given the world not to have eaten all her puff, and to have saved some of it for Tom. Not but that the puff was very nice, for Maggie��s palate was not at all obtuse, but she would have gone without it many times over, sooner than Tom should call her greedy and be cross with her. And he had said he wouldn��t have it, and she ate it without thinking; how could she help it? The tears flowed so plentifully that Maggie saw nothing around her for the next ten minutes; but by that time resentment began to give way to the desire of reconciliation, and she jumped from her bough to look for Tom. He was no longer in the paddock behind the rickyard; where was he likely to be gone, and Yap with him? Maggie ran to the high bank against the great holly-tree, where she could see far away toward the Floss. There was Tom; but her heart sank again as she saw how far off he was on his way to the great river, and that he had another companion besides Yap �� naughty Bob Jakin, whose official, if not natural, function of frightening the birds was just now at a standstill. Maggie felt sure that Bob was wicked, without very distinctly knowing why; unless it was because Bob��s mother was a dreadfully large fat woman, who lived at a queer round house down the river; and once, when Maggie and Tom had wandered thither, there rushed out a brindled dog that wouldn��t stop barking; and when Bob��s mother came out after it, and screamed above the barking to tell them not to be frightened, Maggie thought she was scolding them fiercely, and her heart beat with terror. Maggie thought it very likely that the round house had snakes on the floor, and bats in the bedroom; for she had seen Bob take off his cap to show Tom a little snake that was inside it, and another time he had a handful of young bats: altogether, he was an irregular character, perhaps even slightly diabolical, judging from his intimacy with snakes and bats; and to crown all, when Tom had Bob for a companion, he didn��t mind about Maggie, and would never let her go with him.

��Yes,�� said Mr. Glegg, interpreting Mrs. Pullet��s observation with erroneous plausibility, ��you must consider that, neighbor Tulliver; Wakem��s son isn��t likely to follow any business. Wakem ��ull make a gentleman of him, poor fellow.��

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